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On Saturday, July 20, 2019, the Aldrin Family Foundation and The People’s Moon will  turn Times Square NY into Tranquility Base – the Apollo 11 landing site!  The Aldrin Family Foundation and The People’s Moon invite the world to participate in the historic celebration of the first moon landing with family friendly educational activities on the ground in Times Square NYC and by becoming a part of a giant mosaic from Apollo.

  • There will be a giant mosaic of the iconic moon boot print Square so that people can “walk on the Moon” in Times Square.
  • The Aldrin Family Foundation’s GIANT MOON MAP and GIANT MARS MAP will be on display for robotic and educational activities in partnership with the NY Dept of Education.
  • Historical footage of key moments will play on select screens.
  • The AstroReality augmented reality App the Apollo patches on the ground will activate information about the six moon landings.
  • Meet and greet an astronaut! – Shuttle Astronauts Winston Scott and Nicole Stott will be on site to meet with kids.
  • London Piccadilly will unite with NY in the Celebration in the 4pm ET/9pm UK hour by showing the moon landing, moon walk and stories of giant leaps.

Click here to read the official People’s Moon Times Square Press Release.



    9:32pm Liftoff of the Apollo Saturn V Rocket

    Times Square becomes Tranquility Base

    4:17pm Apollo 11 lands on the Moon

    “Tranquility Base, the Eagle has landed”

    10:56pm Neil Armstrong takes the first steps on the Moon

    “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

    11:05pm Celebration and Giant Leaps for the future

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