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On Saturday 20th July, the People’s Moon will dominate the entire Piccadilly Lights screen between 9-10pm on Saturday 20 July 2019, the exact hour 50 years ago that Apollo 11 landed the first humans on the Moon. The Piccadilly Circus screens will display 10,000 images from both the NASA archies and from public submissions submitted to the People’s Moon website, as well as historical sequences provided and co-produced by UK based Blue Aurora Media, with additional material from Stephen Slater. 

Derek Manns, Digital Advertising Manager at Landsec, which operates the Piccadilly Lights said: “Piccadilly Lights is renowned for capturing the eyes and minds of over 300 million people that pass through Piccadilly Circus each year. This interactive experience from The People’s Moon is a great opportunity to unite people all over the world, and we’re excited to be part of the celebrations for this inspiring moment in our history.”

Click here to read the official People’s Moon Piccadilly Lights Press Release.

Featured Faces


Showing a lot of foresight, my Dad posed me beautifully when I was six for a historic moment, which I have only come to appreciate long since he died. The photo how has pride of place on our own family landing.


This is a photo of me and my daughter at the science museum in London. We learnt all about the Moon landings and we were also inspired to become astronauts ourselves that day.


I’ve been carrying these pictures with me since I left home. They encapsulate a spirit of optimism that was in the air back then. My dad who was a reporter at the time took the pictures and they appeared in the local newspaper ‘Südkurier‘


My interest in photography was sparked from a family photograph taken in July 1969. Later that month images of a grey grainy video of a Moon Landing were broadcast on TV. I saw them while walking past a TV rental shop (I think it was called Granada Rentals) in the city centre.


I was just 18 months old when Apollo 11 left the launchpad.  It’s been an inspiration to me my entire life.


I was 9 years old when man first landed on the Moon and it sparked my interest in space. The Apollo 11 Moon landings had a lifetime’s affect on me. Those guys were absolute heroes.


Our Dad was in Moscow when Apollo XI reached the Moon. He was with a group of Americans & recalls Soviets in the hotel wanting to shake their hands & say congrats; they weren’t jealous, they knew it was a triumph for ALL humankind.


I have great memories of the night of the Moon landing. At just 16 years old, my parents had allowed me to stay at a friends house to watch the Lunar landing. There was a crowd of noisy excited lads anxiously awaiting!


Most nights bedtime stories consist of reading about the space station, rockets, astronauts, engineering, and the Moon landing! Redford dreams of engineering a mars exploration rover and test driving it!


I was a science teacher at a secondary school in Walsall West Midlands in July 1969. I built a six foot model of the Saturn V rocket to enthuse the pupils. I recall the family watching the live pictures in the early hours on TV.


Just after the historic moon landings in 1969, my Mum and Dad made me a fancy dress costume for my primary school fete. I got first place! I watched the landing with my late father late into the night on our old TV. A great memory.


Archie is 5. He dresses as an astronaut at every opportunity he gets and plays imaginatively using rockets and satellites. He knows how many Moons different planets have and had recently been watching footage of the Moon landings, which he was enthralled by! 


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