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We all have a dream. If everyone could achieve the impossible what would that impossible be? The People’s Moon is a global campaign celebrating 50 years since the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. The The People’s Moon campaign gives permission to everyone on the planet to make their true purpose known. Whether it’s stepping on the moon or bringing about world peace we all have one ultimate dream. We set humanity a challenge to celebrate and proclaim ones ambition.

– Share & upload your photo, video or story

– Commemorate 50 years of man on the moon

– Feel the power of the Apollo Story

– Be in it, be part of history, be the legacy

– What is your giant leap?

– Where were you when they walked on the moon in July, 1969?

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  • You can send as many images as you like but we cannot guarantee they will be included in the project
  • By submitting your images you don’t lose your copyright, but you grant us a licence to use them on this project (see T & C’s)
  • We may publish your first name, photo and story on our social networks
  • We have a strict compliance process, all offensive photos will be reported and all submissions are moderated

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1969 - 2019

50 Years of the Landing

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