Lunar Window

An extended Experiential adventure

As well as photo booths, apps and kiosks with space filters members of the public can have their photos taken with a virtual reality moon landscape backdrop, the Lunar Window at global locations. The experiential photo and video installation will be created and produced by Jannicke Mikkelson, an award-winning VR film Director & Cinematographer based in London, United Kingdom.

Created exclusively for The People’s Moon Apollo 50th Global Activations, the Lunar Window offers participants the chance to take part in the Apollo legacy project by recording their video messages where they proclaim their own giant leap.

The Lunar Window automatically uploads the video messages and photos taken at the installation directly to The People’s Moon Apollo50th legacy project creating a giant photo mosaic made up of people all around the world, like yourself, declaring their Giant Leap in life!

About Jannicke Mikkelsen

“Having been wheelchair-bound myself in the past, it was of extreme importance to me to make a fun participation installation that everyone can enjoy! The Apollo program inspired me to achieve the impossible myself and I wanted to create an interactive installation using seemingly impossible technology to inspire others to do the same. I can guarantee you, you have never seen anything like this.”
Jannicke Mikkelsen

Jannicke Mikkelsen, FNF (Norwegian Society of Cinematographers), is a VR Film Director and Cinematographer. She is a cutting-edge content creator and internationally known for her work as Film Director for the British rock band QUEEN on their virtual reality film VR The Champions, and creator of the interactive installation Lunar Window™ set to tour with the Apollo11, 50th celebration global-outreach campaign The People’s Moon. Mikkelsen’s groundbreaking VR work awarded her the European Society of Cinematographers IMAGO Award for Extraordinary Technical Achievement and recognition as one of Norway’s most influential women in tech of 2017.

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