Notable People & Photo Credits

Photo Credits


Mark Kelly

Charlie Bolden (also former NASA Administrator)

Peggy Witson

Michael Lopez-Alegria

Chris Ferguson

Ed Lu

Franz Viehbock

Garrett Reisman

Jeff Ashby

Franklin Chang-Diaz

Dr. Kathryn Sullivan

Tom Jones

Charlie Walker

Terry Virts


Gwynne Shotwell (SpaceX Pres)

Sir Richard Branson

Gary Martin (Former NASA Ames Deputy Administrator)

Thierry Guillemin (former EVP & CTO of Intelsat)

John Elbon (COO of United Launch Alliance (joint venture between Boeing & Lockheed), former BOEING)


Sir Robin Knox-Johnston (Sailed solo trip around the world in 1969)

Bertrand Piccard (Flew in a solar plane around the world in 2018)

Sully Sullenberger


Stephen Hawking

Bill Nye

Neil deGrasse Tyson


HRH Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia (Also an astronaut and the only Arab to ever go to space)

Boris Johnson

Sen Marco Rubio

Congressman Sam Johnson (good one – he was Buzz’s wingman in Korea and was a Vietnam POW during Apollo) Congressman Lamar Smith

Congresswoman Donna Edwards

Congressman Bill Posey

Former Alaska Dep Governor Mead Treadwell

Gaston Browne (Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda)


Pharrell Williams

Jared Leto

Quincy Jones

Stephen Colbert

Tom Hanks

Tim Allen

Louis Gossett Jr.

Wolfgang Puck

David Copperfield

Mike Rowe

John Travolta

JJ Abrams

Patton Oswalt

Bryan Adams

Annise Parker – former mayor of Houston


Australian tracking station operators and scientists

Concept by Christina Korp for The People’s Moon © 2019

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