‘The People’s Moon’ is a global legacy project that will unite humanity through the 50th anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It celebrates the human achievement of landing on the moon whilst giving the people of today permission to take their own ‘Giant Leap’ and proclaim their life defining dream to the world.

We’ve been working since June of 2017 on something to celebrate 50 years of Apollo, and we’re ready to show you: ‘The People’s Moon’ is a global project that will unite people on a massive scale in the same way it did all those years ago – through pictures and stories culminating in a giant artwork, a photo mosaic revealing a giant historical iconic image that everybody will love, recognise and learn from.

“One small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Fifty Years ago in 1969, Man landed on the Moon. It was perhaps the  only moment in history when all human beings were united in a sense of collective wonder and awe, as they witnessed the memory of a lifetime. The landing was broadcast on live TV to a worldwide audience. In these troubled times we wish to remind people that they can come together through their imagination and wonder at the moon again and feel united by sharing what matters to them.

“Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon, July 1969 AD. We came in peace for all mankind.”

The Apollo 11 mission remains widely celebrated as it approaches its 50th anniversary in 2019. Fifty years on, we are inviting people from across the globe to mark this historic moment in a unique way by becoming part of a living iconic space image in the 21st century. In January 2019 people will come together and submit their photos and stories, and feature together as part of this giant mass participation artwork to be unveiled ( venue announced soon ) in July 2019 to mark the historic moment.

The project will be open to all online and across the region via a public campaign. People from everywhere will upload their content on social media and to a dedicated website.











An awe-inspiring gala event held under the Apollo Saturn V Rocket at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to kick-off a 12-month celebration of 50 years since the Apollo 11 moon landing. On July 21st, join astronauts from across the Apollo Era to modern-day space programs as we celebrate a magnificent period in space exploration history. Hear how the astronauts prepared for flight and overcame the many challenges in reach of the moon.

Together the Aldrin Family Foundation and Astronaut Scholarship Foundation are raising crucial funds to build education, award scholarships, and increase the awareness of human space exploration on a global basis.

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