The People's Moon

The People’s Moon’ is a global project that unites humanity through the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It celebrates the human achievement of landing on the moon whilst giving the people of today permission to proclaim their life-defining dream to the world.

The People's Moon



The People’s Moon is inviting the world to take part and celebrate the lead up to the 50th Year since the iconic moon landing. During an online public campaign people will upload and share their photos, videos, and stories to a live gallery feed. A custom photo booth will tour and space themed photo opportunities, graphics and footprints will guide people along their journeys. A giant photo mosaic made up of every submission will be unveiled from July 2019.

Take part!

– Share your photos and selfies

– Where were you when they walked on the moon?




Hours (Journey)

TV viewers

We Came In Peace...

20 July 1969

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